April 4, 2015

The Hard Path is the High Road

Whether you are new to yoga or not, learn to accept some hardship in order to receive great benefit.  Being challenged not only reveals your inner strength, but also many truths about yourself.  The truth is not a scary thing, it is either something to be proud of, or an opportunity to improve.  A person could live their whole life with the capability of being a great artist, yet never discover their ability because they never picked up a paint brush.  Likewise an artist who avoids criticism because of their fear of the truth will never improve until the flaws of their technique are revealed.

A good step to take with a yoga practice is to not ask it to be easy. Instead ask your yoga practice to give you the necessary challenge to discover your strength and to discover truths about yourself.  Yoga is a tool to focus and strengthen your mind, to learn to put all your brain power into whatever task is at hand.  Such a great benefit requires accepting some hardship.  For the greatest rewards from your yoga practice: have patience, allow things to take a long time; practice constantly, it’s alright to start out small, but practice; don’t give up, accept that there will be struggles and that it won’t always be easy.

With you,