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December 16, 2016

Better Efficacy with Better Focus

Sometimes, as a sort of game with myself, I will try to go through my morning ablutions without thinking of anything other than what I’m doing, without allowing myself to interrupt the task at hand (i.e. to check my mail, pet a cat, etc.). I enjoy playing this game because it’s always astounding how much more quickly the task at hand is completed.

It’s a reminder of the power of focus, as well as the difficulty involved in maintaining it. Keeping vows and staying equanimus regardless of the pins and pricks of life are two important virtues found in the domain of focus.

My yoga practice is a toolkit that provides me with the opportunity to struggle with and fine tune these virtues: There is a wide array of technique in yoga including and beyond asana (postures). Yoga provides different paths for different times and different people, so even an individual person would benefit from a well versed education in Yoga: a science concerned with leading people to meditation (meditation being the ultimate degree of focus). How lucky we are to already have a method for controlling our focus and consciousness. Of course the difficulty here is actually practicing, especially since everyone starts before they have such control.

Yoga provides different paths for different times and different people. - Marc Guilarte

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This conundrum reminds me of something Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati said, ”One has to practise constant effort as a discipline, not according to one’s own sweet will.” We all have to go through the process of learning and growing. When I am struggling with my own focus, practice, or studies I remind myself there is a futility in shrinking away from something because “I’m not good enough at it yet.” I ask myself, “do I want to be a part of this or not?” and my answer is invariably, “of course.” So, I keep on studying and practicing.


Marc-Cristobal Guilarte - Owner and Lead Teacher​