Memberships and Drop-In Pricing

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL - $30 for 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga

We want to show you how Cat Tilt Studio is different.  Our dedication to traditional yoga taught in a truly educational setting with small classes will give you the real benefits of Yoga.  This introductory package gives you the ability to take all of our regularly scheduled yoga classes.  Visit us and take a variety of classes from different teachers.  See the difference Traditional Yoga will make in your life!

Yoga is more than physical movement or stretching.  Yoga is a way to quiet the inner voice so you may see the world as it really is; not through the filter of your experiences. ‚Äč Yoga gives you the tools to manage your stress and calm the inner storm. Yoga is a form of self care.

Begin your journey today.


Make a Promise to Yourself

Four Classes a Month

Our Basic Plan

  • Attend Any Regular Class
  • 10% Discount on Hair/Massage
  • $19 Activation
  • Cancel Anytime

$48 / month


Practice All the Time

Unlimited Classes

For the True Yogi

  • Attend Any Regular Class
  • 15% Discount on Hair/Massage and Special Events
  • No Activation Fee
  • 6 Month Contract

$99 / month


You've got this!

6 Classes A Month

You're Doing This!

  • Attend Any Regular Class
  • 12% Discount on Hair/Massage
  • $19 Activation
  • Cancel Anytime

$64/ month

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