Life Coaching with Lisa


Lisa McCaskill infuses yoga techniques, as appropriate, into her coaching sessions. Coaching sessions might include meditation, visualizations, gentle yoga poses, or breathing exercises to help remove physical blockages that prevent you from being in tune with your own inner wisdom and able to move beyond limiting beliefs.

As a Yoga Therapist, Lisa is trained to identify the areas in the body where tension and stress are held, as well as energetic blockages, and how to apply yoga techniques to address these issues.

 Live The Life You Deserve!

Why Life Coaching? 

    • Looking for a deeper meaning to your life.
    • Interested in letting go of limiting ways of thinking and reacting to life.
    • Interested in increasing your self-esteem/confidence.
    • Interested in reducing and managing stress.
    • In need of support and encouragement through a life transition (internal or external).
    • Want to take your yoga practice into your every day life.