November 23, 2015

Be with Yourself: Engage with Yoga as a Private Meditation

Yoga is a tool for self­ discovery. It’s important to take what you’ve learned in class home.  When practicing alone, you can more fully direct your attention inwards to: the rhythm and quality of the breath; the concentration on, and direction of, the gaze; the steps of the sequence…etc.

Practicing alone, on a consistent basis, has improved my ability to concentrate deeply. I’ve learned a lot about my mind’s capabilities and tendencies by practicing through many different hues and distractions of mind. I get strength from the knowledge that the difficult days, when I really have to push myself to practice, are often the best teachers of mental discipline.  Allow your thoughts to spill out when practicing at home. The beginning of meditation is often a process of allowing any inner ­conversations to spin themselves out. Give yourself permission to forget what you were saying to yourself; the mind will finally quiet down. Just focus on the rhythm and nature of your breath, attention to your gaze, the sequence of positions…etc.

I value giving myself time to practice alone on a consistent basis; it has been very grounding.

That is why I teach my classes with the intention of giving students the tools they need to maintain a home practice.

­­ Marc­Cristobal Guilarte