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November 23, 2015

Be with Yourself: Engage with Yoga as a Private Meditation

Yoga is a tool for self­ discovery. It’s important to take what you’ve learned in class home.  When practicing alone, you can more fully direct your attention inwards to: the rhythm and quality of the breath; the concentration on, and direction of, the gaze; the steps of the sequence…etc.

Practicing alone, on a consistent basis, has improved my ability to concentrate deeply. I’ve learned a lot about my mind’s capabilities and tendencies by practicing through many different hues and distractions of mind. I get strength from the knowledge that the difficult days, when I really have to push myself to practice, are often the best teachers of mental discipline.  Allow your thoughts to spill out when practicing at home. The beginning of meditation is often a process of allowing any inner ­conversations to spin themselves out. Give yourself permission to forget what you were saying to yourself; the mind will finally quiet down. Just focus on the rhythm and nature of your breath, attention to your gaze, the sequence of positions…etc.

I value giving myself time to practice alone on a consistent basis; it has been very grounding.

That is why I teach my classes with the intention of giving students the tools they need to maintain a home practice.

­­ Marc­Cristobal Guilarte

November 10, 2015

Kundalini, Consciousness and the Chakras

Have you ever felt stuck despite all your efforts to create meaningful change in your life? Are reoccurring patterns holding you back from progressing in the direction of your goals. Have you ever considered you might be the problem? Probably not. That is difficult to admit. It is much simpler to pass the blame on to external people and circumstances for the unhappiness we experience in our lives. What if we had the power to change our fate? But you see, there is no question of if we have the power to change, we are the power of change.

So then, how do we make this change to an enriching meaningful life, to this happiness and contentment that we search far and wide for? It is not done through solving the problems in our lives or eliminating perceived problematic people. It is done through balancing the flow of energy through our chakras. The chakras, or centers of energy, have a direct, immediate and profound effect on our daily lives. When all of the chakras are open and flowing you experience life through your higher consciousness, your problems dissolve and you live you life as a witness of experiencing everyday miracles. You become, present, centered and empowered.

Yogi Bhajan taught about the functions and attributes of the eight major chakras so that we could understand and transform ourselves with the practice of Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga does not force the chakras to balance and open, but it prepares the body to allow the kundalini energy to rise from the base of the spine throughout the crown of the head. As this energy rises it touches each chakra along the way and enables the state of being where you can live from your higher consciousness. You live in flow with the universe accompanied by effortless manifestation, guidance and resources to fulfill your purpose.

We are the vehicles for change that we seek. Kundalini yoga is an effective method for tuning up our bodies and our chakras so that our journey through life becomes joyous and fulfilling.

-Peace to all, light to all, love to all

Keval Kaur

November 5, 2015

Marc’s Parents Visit

Marc's parents visited Raleigh on their annual trip from Michigan to Florida.  They got their first visit to Cat Tilt Studio.  Marc's mom taught him yoga when he was young and was excited to assist him with Supta Vajrasana.  She has a pretty big grin on her face! Make your mom smile by practicing at Cat Tilt Studio!